2 S. 11th Street (at Washington)
3 S. 11th Street (at Church)
14 Reschini House Bus Shelter on Maple East
16 IUP Stephenson Hall (Bus Stop on Maple -
18 Maple St at Pratt Dr (at Stop Sign)
21 Bus Shelter on Pratt Dr (opposite Folger
47 Martins at Regency Mall (parking lot sid
50 Oakland Hall (Bus Stop on Oakland Ave)
64 Philadelphia St (Courtway)
65 Gompers Avenue (Rte 286 West)
67 IUP Oakgrove (by Johnson Hall)
109 Philadelphia St. westbound at Railroad t
137 Maple St. (across from Hamilton Bus Shel
153 The Verge (Medlar Dr / Myrtle Dr)
169 Philadelphia St (N. 8th St)
222 Philadelphia St. (at 15th St.)
239 S. 6th St. (at Church St.)
276 Maple St at S.6th St (Stop Sign)
285 The Arch ( lower Entrance stop)
286 The Arch ( club house stop)
293 The Verge (Medlar Dr / Pompano Dr)
294 The Verge (Copper Beach Dr)
343 University Towers