4 S. 10th Street (at Church)
11 IUP Robertshaw Bus Shelter
33 IUP Pratt Hall Bus Shelter on School St
35 Oakland Hall Bus Shelter on S.13th St
36 Kolter Dr at University Dr (South Campus
51 Arbys
52 IUP Parking Garage (Oakland ave at Paper
53 IUP Oakgrove (by Waller Hall)
54 IUP Elkin Hall
76 Westgate Lilac St (near leasing office)
77 Westgate Terrace Bus Shelter
78 Lilac St at Oakland Ave
119 Rustic Lodge (Rustic Lodge Rd)
122 Apartments on Rustic Lodge Rd
129 Kolter Dr (across from Diamond Drug)
153 The Verge (Medlar Dr / Myrtle Dr)
154 S. 8th St at Church St
222 Philadelphia St. (at 15th St.)
285 The Arch ( lower Entrance stop)
286 The Arch ( club house stop)
293 The Verge (Medlar Dr / Pompano Dr)
294 The Verge (Copper Beach Dr)
349 South Campus Ballfields